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Magnet Generator – An Easy Source of Free Energy?


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Magnet Generator – this exotic principle is rising to one of the very popular ways to produce “free energy” for the own household. It seems easy to have a Magnetic Generator in the garage or backyard and having this Electromagnetic Generator Device working day and night, contributing (or even replacing) the normal energy supply. Indeed it is posible to have a Magnet Generator operating in a few days and at a very little cost.

The questions are:

  • Is a Magnetic Generator the solution for lowering the electricity bill?
  • Does it really work?
  • Is it worth the effort of investing time and money, even if it’s a considerably small amount you have to spend in building plans and parts?

Summary: It works, but be realistic and lower your expectations!

  • Generally spoken the principal of a Magnetic generator works, like the australian company Lutec confirms.
  • A Magnet Generator can indeed contribute to the power supply of your household (and lower your electricity bill).
  • Nevertheless, to have a complete houshold running on a Magnetic Generator, therefore you would need a really professional system.
  • With a DIY Kit you can buy for about 40.- to 50.- USD on the internet (the building plans only) you will get some results, we are talking about a small installation here and you probably won’t be able to fire up a whole house with washing machine, fridge, ac, and all the other stuff.
  • Some providers claim that you only need to buy parts for about 100.- USD. This can be true in some cases, depending on your location. I would recommend to calculate the double plus some extra for some tools (if you don’t have them allready).
magnet generator1 282x300 Magnet Generator

Example of a small Magnet Generator

My Recommenadtions to proceed:

  • First of all: Again, lower your expectations a bit and you will be surprised by the outcome!
  • First try to build a small device, that only supports a small part to your whole power consumption (you still can expand later).
  • Be sure to have a proper place where to put your Magent Generator (e.g. garage).
  • Get your mindset right, you will have to invest about two – three days to get your magnetic generator up and running.
  • You can find some building plans on the internet, but I do strongly recommend to invest a small extra amount buying a manual with the proper instructions and building plans.
  • You should have some tecnical affinity (you do not need to be an engineer!!!)

How to build your own Magnet Generator

So, you got hooked and you want to try it for yourself? Building your very own Magnetic Generator? As I explained before, it is absolutely posible please just consider a few points:

  • Do not try to construct a new mega power plant, be modest and start of with the right size you can dominate.
  • Maybe you could find some instructions and plans for free in the internet (I tried and put them together here), but you will spend hours, if not days of your precious time and finally you only would have some fragments, figuring out how to put them together and bring the whole thing to spin. Believe me, I went through this painfull experiences!
  • You are much better of if you invest a small amount in professional building plans. Here are the options I purchased from, but please be adviced when you click over to their (sales-) page that they promise much more powerfull devices as they in reality are (it’s all about Marketing, isn’t it?), but all of them work:

There is no big difference between them, but personally I liked “Energy by Tesla” most.

How does a Magnetic Generator work?

A Magnetic Generator runs on the magnet’s propelling energy field. Once the initial startup is done, the magnets spin endlessly and provide current. The device doesn’t produce pollution and  is ment to recycle magnetic energy back to help save environment.

Building Plans for a Magnet Generator

Here are two websites I found with some descriptions and drawings on how to build a Magnet Generator, a so called “Mini-Romag Generator”.

But once more please be adviced that I strongly recommend purchasing a professional pdf download for success!

  1. Generator runs on free energy provided by magnets and the earth’s energy field
  2. Generator produces magnetic current equivalent of 3-1/2 volts and 7 amps
  3. Generator requires startup of 2100 RPM for 42 seconds
  4. Suggested use for generator: charging magnetic battery, powering small magnetic devices like a magnetic water pump
  5. Generator does not produce pollution
  6. Generator is designed to recycle magnetic energy back to help save environment
  7. Materials necessary to construct generator are readily available
  8. Generator requires a load to maintain continuous operation
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